Just Flourish Art Gallery Founding Member

Just Flourish Art Gallery Membership Yearly Due's:
  • Individuals/Fellow Artist: $175
  • Pre-School to 12th Grade School Membership: $250
  • College, University, Secondary School, Trade School, Graduate School Membership: $500
  • A Family Membeship: $500
  • Essential Workers (ex. CORE VIP's: Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters, etc.) Membership: $250
  • Non-Profit's & Religious/Spiritual Ethical Groups/Churches ,Mosjeds,Temples Membership: Nice Donations Are Accepted, $35 Minimum Per Member/Organization Suggested. 
  • Other Gallery's, Museum's, Athenium's Membership: $175
  • Corporations Membership: $5000 
Have Questions? Please e-Mail: JustFlourishDarlings@GMail.com-Subject Line: Membership