Collection: Just Flourish Art Gallery Founding Membership

Who are Founding Members?:

Anyone over the age 18, or Minor(s) with Family Member(s) Purchasing Membership(s).
What are Founding Member Responsibilities and Purpose's?:

To Participate In All Founding Member Events Such As Walks/Fund Raisers, Founding Member Meetings, Purchase And Pay Yearly Membership Dues, etc-etc.

What Does My Membership Contribute To?:

Monthly Newsletters, Quarterly Meetings, Just Flourish Walks, Just Flourish Special Events (Go Karting, etc), Website Maintenance, Etc, etc.

When are you accepting Founding Members?:

January 5, 2022 at 12:00 AM EST-EVERYWHERE-Tell A Friend and Bring A Friend.
Why is Just Flourish Art Gallery seeking Founding Members:

To have Art Alive and Flourishing that contribute to United Artist. 

Where are Founding Members: Everywhere

What Are Founding Member Benefits?:
  1. Professional Written Mini-Biography or Organization Description. All Founding Member(s) MUSTprovide Clear Professional Optic
  2. Acquire FREE Just Flourish Art Gallery T-Shirt
  3. 15% Posters and Prints
  4. 15 % Discount On Canvas Over 56 X 56 Inches
  5. 15 % Discount to Just Flourish APPAREL AND SHOES
  6. Your Name and/or Organization with Logo goes on Website-Definitively.
Just Flourish Art Gallery Founding Membership
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6 products